Discover LawnBots

Lease a LawnBot for the season, or add trimming and edging from a pro for a few bucks more. The difference? No waiting on the weather, and no looking at a messy lawn.

Typical lawn services only come once per week if you're lucky. With a LawnBot, you can have it mow all week long. Rain or shine. Day or night.

Get your LawnBot starting at $30 a week!


Finally, something that's easier said than done!


Built for Anything

Obstacles | Proximity sensors allow the mowers to slow when approaching obstacles. Bump Sensors allow them to touch and change direction.

Curves | Boundary wires offer infinite flexibility and passage sensors allow for maneuverability. 

Seasons | A resistance sensor allows mowers to spend more time in areas that grow faster, and return home if the lawn doesn't need a trim.

Rest | They know when they're low on battery, find their way home, and go back out if they haven't finished.

Hills | Gyroscopes sense hills and turn the mower to slow momentum

Night | Lightweight blades and no engine allow for near-silent mowing.

Safety | Articulating, collapsible blades don't throw stones or damage hard objects. Lift sensors also stop blade rotation.

Precision | Mowing height, daily and weekly schedules are all accessible from your phone.

Rain | Waterproof designs and unique blades give bots the ability to cut in the rain without damaging the grass. Their lightweight allows them to run without leaving tracks.

Security |GPS allows for real-time tracking.

Business | No gas, no noise, and good looks! Promote eco-friendly initiatives.