About LawnBots

Lawnbots is on a mission to disrupt the lawn care industry by providing a green, clean, and quiet solution for your yard.

As a full-service lawn care provider, we take pride in our ability to offer lawn maintenance in an environmentally-friendly way. Our robotic mowers, battery-powered equipment, and electric car enable us to provide service with fewer fossil-fuels releasing harmful pollutants into the environment. Lawnbots' advanced technology is a smarter, safer choice for all your lawn care needs, providing your family with a healthy yard to enjoy for years to come.


Our Values


Do the right thing even when nobody is watching.


Improve the life & health of our family, friends, and neighbors.


Make responsible choices for future generations.


Treat others the way we would like to be treated.


Take action to protect, preserve, & sustain resources.


Our Founders

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Marshall Blair