Commercial Services

Environmentally Friendly Commercial Lawn Care Services

First impressions are everything when it comes to customer satisfaction. Keep your commercial properties looking their best while reducing your carbon footprint with our robotic mowing services.

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Commercial Services

How It Works

Continuous mowing is the key to a healthy, lush, and greener lawn.

Our robotic mowers operate cleanly and quietly by following a boundary and guidewire system, which is installed underground just like an electric fence. The mowers run automatically to keep your lawn looking sharp.

Mowers dock to recharge when the battery gets low, then return to mowing with a full charge. You'll get great-looking grass in a more environmentally friendly manner than with conventional lawn care services.

During these visits, our handlers can rake leaves, edge pathways, mulch trees and shrubs, fertilize the grass, and perform other lawn care duties.

Why Choose LawnBots?

First impressions are everything when it comes to customer satisfaction.

If your grass is not cut or thick with weeds, customers may develop a negative impression of your business. The perfect lawn care service is one you never have to think about, you know it’s done right and doesn’t interfere with the day to day business operations.

Most lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, and other lawn care equipment are noisy, resulting in noise pollution that interferes with day-to-day business operations, yet for practical reasons, lawn care needs to happen during daylight hours.

Our robotic mowers are so quiet, your customers and employees won't even notice they are running. The robots run continuously, resulting in an attractive and healthy lawn without ever having to worry.

Our mowers clip less than an inch of grass at a time, which helps create a lush and healthy lawn. All too often, landscaping services drastically cut back your grass, then combat grass shock with chemicals and fertilizers. These substances are bad for the environment and could add on unneeded costs to your landscaping bill.

By letting grass clippings decompose and feed the lawn, you get a green, vibrant lawn the all-natural way. Your lawn will always be freshly cut, standing out for its carpet-like appearance. Our robotic mowers may even be a selling point, as it shows that your company is committed to environmentally-friendly practices.