Is LawnBots safe around children and pets?

Yes, LawnBots is incredibly safe around pets, children and anyone else who encounters the bot.

LawnBots does not have large, heavy blades like a traditional commercial mower. LawnBots is lightweight and uses state-of-the-art safety features, including sensors and alarms.

How does LawnBots work?

LawnBots is a lawn service similar to any other traditional commercial lawn service, except for the fact that the lawn mowing is performed by robotic mowers that live quietly on your residential or commercial property.

Our highly trained LawnBots employees perform the trimming, edging, and blowing as well as ensuring that LawnBots is functioning properly. LawnBots also offers seasonal services to make your property shine.

Is LawnBots affordable?

Robots mowing grass-sounds expensive, however, LawnBots typically costs the same or less than other professional lawn care services.

The LawnBots business model disrupts much of the labor required to transport and operate traditional commercial mowers.

Why is LawnBots better for my lawn?

Healthier, more resilient lawns using less fertilizer and irrigation.

LawnBots cuts only millimeters off the tip of each blade of grass every day. This is less stressful on your lawn compared to the thrashing of a large commercial blade cutting the grass in half once a week. As a result, LawnBots lawns are greener and healthier and often require less maintenance. Using LawnBots also spares your lawn from cross-contamination from animal feces, weeds, seed, mold, and fungi from other yards that are brought over on the wheels of traditional commercial mowers.


Am I responsible for my robotic mower?

Don’t worry! LawnBots is responsible for servicing and maintaining the bots, and anything else that your robotic mower might need.

LawnBots technology notifies the LawnBots staff immediately with any issues and automatically dispatches a Robot Wrangler to the site. LawnBots will make sure that the bot is always working.

Why is it better for the environment?

Less emissions – US Lawn care equipment causes 5% of air pollution (EPA)

U.S. lawn care equipment is responsible for a shocking 5% of air pollution, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Traditional lawn mowers run on fossil fuels, ruining air quality and making you or your family members sick when breathing them. LawnBots uses battery-powered cars, equipment, and lawn mowers to service your yard. Our state-of-the-art robotic lawnmower is self-charging, never requiring even a drop of gasoline.