How Our Pricing Works

Second to None

We always provide quality service, but we really pride ourselves on the additional features we offer. Our business is complete with professional resources and experienced service providers to benefit all clients.


Residential Pricing Philosophy

Below are starting prices for our robot only. Additional costs may apply for added services.

-1/2 Acre               $30 weekly
1/2 Acre                 $37 weekly
3/4 Acre                 $44 weekly
1+ Acre                  $47 weekly

These prices are based on a normal residential or small commercial property. Farm properties or older main roadside properties with extra obstacles or ununiformed areas out of the ordinary will need special pricing and can not be priced with the above models.

Clean Up Scale

Yard cleanups outside of the predetermined planning are priced per hour. They must be related to lawn care, landscaping, or yard maintenance. Pruning, underbrush clearing, low limbs cut, regular mowing trimming, edging pruning, etc. You can purchase this from the site or by contacting us directly and we can develop a scheduled work day.

Cleanups for 4 hrs $900

Cleanups for 8 hrs $1800

**Hauling away debris and dump fees aren’t included in these prices.**


Service Pricing Packages

Service Package Pricing Models are based on our basic package; edging hard surfaces and beds, trimming around obstacles, blowing off the driveway and lawn if there is excess debris, fall, and winter leaf blowing, weeding in the plant beds and pruning are options. 

-1/2 Acre                $37 weekly

1/2 Acre                 $50 weekly

3/4 Acre                 $68 weekly

1+ Acre                  $75 weekly

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